About Us

 About YUSERA: Nurturing Beauty with Nature's Bounty

Trade License: TRAD/DNCC/000662/2022

Welcome to YUSERA, your gateway to a world of beauty and wellness infused with the goodness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With over 30 years of expertise in the olive oil industry and a deep-rooted understanding of cosmetics, we bring you a unique fusion of nature and science that promises to enhance your skin and hair in ways you've never experienced before.

Our Story

YUSERA is born from the combined knowledge and experience of our parent companies, AOVE Lab Spain, S.L., and Andalusian Nature Lab, S.L. This powerful synergy between our olive oil heritage and cosmetic expertise has enabled us to push the boundaries of beauty, crafting products that are both luxurious and effective. Our journey began in the enchanting region of Andalusia, Spain, where we harnessed the potential of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create exceptional cosmetics.


Innovation and Quality

At YUSERA, innovation is at the core of our philosophy. Our dedicated laboratories and state-of-the-art production centers in Badolatosa (Seville) and Santa Fe (Granada) are at the

forefront of cosmetic research and development. We take pride in being a registered cosmetics producer with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, ensuring that every product we craft meets the highest industry standards.


Bringing Nature to Bangladesh


YUSERA spread its wings to Bangladesh through a collaborative effort with Spanish companies. Our laboratory and production plant in Pirganj (Rangpur) is a testament to our commitment to sharing the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a global audience. The olive trees and the oil we use originate from the bountiful groves of Andalusia, Spain, ensuring the purity and authenticity of our ingredients.


The YUSERA Difference


YUSERA is dedicated to harnessing the extraordinary properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive tree extracts. These ingredients are rich sources of bioactive compounds, including potent phenolic compounds, known for their remarkable cosmetic properties. Our products are carefully formulated to protect and enhance the epidermis, combating photooxidative damage and ageing signs.


Respect for Nature and Animals


We believe in harmony with nature. All our products are eco-friendly, featuring gentle,

non-aggressive fragrances and natural ingredients that work in perfect synergy to protect and

revitalise your skin and hair. We take pride in our commitment to cruelty-free practices none of our products have ever been tested on animals.


Join the YUSERA Journey


At YUSERA, we're not just about cosmetics; we're about a lifestyle that celebrates nature's beauty and vitality. Join us on this extraordinary journey to discover the transformative power of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Experience the YUSERA difference and embrace a world where beauty, health, and nature unite.


Discover YUSERA where nature meets beauty, where well-being meets innovation.

Yusera Cosmetics

Introducing Yusera, a distinguished brand at the forefront of the beauty cosmetics industry, specializing in skincare solutions. Our brand is synonymous with excellence, fusing Spanish innovation with a commitment to crafting products that elevate your skincare routine to an art form.

Origin and Expertise:
Rooted in Spain, a hub of beauty and cosmetic innovation, Yusera draws inspiration from the country's rich heritage and cutting-edge technological advancements. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every product, each meticulously formulated to bring out the best in your skin.